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Open House

Austust 1, 2023, tentative

We are a start-up school connected to the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS) and are looking for families who value Christian Excellence, especially regarding their children and grandchildren's primary education.

Admissions Explained

June 1, 2023, tentative

The admissions process is under review. Please check back for exciting updates about when we will begin accepting applications. Thank you for your interest, and we can't wait to meet you!

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We are not machines to be programmed -- we are works to be made.

C.S. Lewis

The Classical Christian Education Difference


Classical Christian education starts with a very different, and bigger, purpose: 

cultivate in students a love of the truth, goodness, and beauty that corresponds to God and His world - the Christian Paideia.

Paideia is the ingredient in each of our hearts and minds that sustains our culture, motivates the choices we make,

and determines how we see the world.

The ideas behind classical Christian schools are foreign to modern educators.

The model's transformative power lies in one truth: Christ is Lord of all.

Are We Men or Machines?

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Truth and Virtue

Remote Learning

Post-Modern Answer:

If we are bundles of cells that make up a complex organic machine, then our brains must be like a computer. Education would only require that we be programmed and filled with data. Thinking is merely electrochemical. Wisdom comes with knowledge and skills. Art is an illusion. Faith is a crutch.

Christian Answer:

We are creatures made in the image of God, and our minds must be cultivated to grow into their potential. To educate, we must read the great thinkers in history and evaluate their work in light of God's Word. The mind must be practiced in logic and reason. Art and music provide a unique insight into the mind of God.

Results - Seek first the Kingdom



Children enjoy learning. They are wired for it. Assuming that a child will not be able to succeed in a challenging environment is tempting, but simply untrue.

Classical education teaches students facts, provides them with logical tools to use those facts, and perfects the students' ability to relate those facts to others. This fundamental skill-set is more valuable today than it has ever been. The process of teaching students to think extends far beyond filling their heads with knowledge. Modern education, to varying degrees, has succeeded in teaching facts and some skills. Classical education helps students draw original, creative, and accurate conclusions from facts and then formulate those conclusions into logical and persuasive arguments.


Classical Christian schools weave virtues like fortitude, temperance, justice, prudence, faith, hope, and love into students on a daily basis. They don't just teach about these virtues, they expect children to form habits that exhibit these virtues.

In Matthew 6, Jesus responds to fears about jobs, food, and clothing when he says "seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you." If we educate in God's way, seeking His kingdom in all of history, literature, philosophy, art, and science, our needs in life will follow. Classical Christian schools have been filling the best colleges in the world for centuries. The "who's who" of inventors, leaders, generals, politicians, and merchants in history were classically educated - as were nearly all the missionaries, pastors, and theologians of prior centuries. One can look briefly at the academic success of students from classical Christian schools and more fully appreciate Christ's promise.

SAT Performance Relative to College and Career Readiness Benchmark - 2018 ACCS Member School Survey

-19 Public

+85 Religious

+120 Independent

+186 ACCS (Association of Classical Christian Schools)


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